Why V₂O?

Why V₂O?

Recently on a sales call a future retailer asked our founder, Maggie K. Peterson, what would make a consumer want to drink V₂O rather than the sparkling water or kombucha near it on the shelf? To Peterson, the answer is clear; V₂O refreshes and hydrates like sparkling water, but provides added benefits while also tasting much better than kombucha.

But how does the consumer know this? Simply put, they don’t. So we wondered how can we change that? The branding part might be a little more complicated problem to solve, but we can definitely tell our story!

Passionate about healthy living and high-quality foods, a few years ago Peterson started supplementing her diet with a dose of daily vinegar. Anyone adding vinegar to his/her/their diet knows the mouth-puckering taste, reminiscent of the old bitter beer face commercials. So she thought, How can I make my daily vinegar actually taste good? and Isn’t there a healthy beverage that tastes great too?

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Photo by Felipe Paes from Pexels

So Peterson started experimenting with formulas and flavors, which was easy enough to do on the reg because she also owns a premium olive oil and balsamic vinegar specialty store. During the experimenting phase, she made friends and family sign NDAs to make sure her passion project remained close to the vest while also gaining valuable opinions on flavor combinations and more.

She then went through all the steps you have to go through to make a business out of an original product. During the market research phase, Peterson found out that no other drink exists on the market like V₂O. Peterson knew educating the market and proving balsamic vinegar provides the same health benefits as apple cider vinegar (ACV) would be extremely important.

Wanting reliable sources relating to the health benefits, Peterson found case studies involving vinegar, balsamic vinegar, and ACV. And while all of this went on, she worked with the team at S Design to create beautiful and informational branding and packaging to introduce V₂O to the public in an interesting and cohesive way.

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After launching in November, the V₂O team has slowly built momentum in the beverage market across the United States. But when that retailer asked her about how the V₂O bottle communicates why a consumer should pick the sparkling balsamic water over the other choices, the whole team had to stop and think what did our messaging miss?  So we thought of simple ways to explain V₂O.

V₂O is new. V₂O isn’t just the latest flavored water of the week. V₂O provides probiotics and antioxidants. V₂O is made with the best balsamic vinegar made in Modena, the town it originated centuries ago.

We aren’t exactly sure how our messaging on our bottles is going to change or more clearly communicate all of the above, but we’ll let you know when we have it figured out! We ARE new and with that comes many growth opportunities along with new relationships to build.