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What's V2O?

Naturally sweet and flavorful, V2O is so much tastier than a plain fizzy water, and at only 40 calories per bottle, our sweet white balsamic brings you actual health benefits: natural probiotics and antioxidants, low glycemic index … all the health benefits of drinking vinegar with the light, sweet flavor of a refreshing treat.

Cranberry Pear

Tart fresh cranberry and the juicy sweet notes of ripe pears. V2O is packed with antioxidants!

Honey Ginger

Rich, sweet amber honey notes and a zingy splash of bright ginger make for a light, effervescent taste. Excellent alone, exceptional as a mixer.

Sicilian Lemon

A delicately sweet, citrusy splash of bright Sicilian Lemon. Only 40 calories per bottle!

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