Our Story

V2O Founder Maggie Peterson has long been a proponent of healthy, simple foods, and as the owner of a beloved specialty food shop, she’s also a longtime supporter of small-batch artisanal and gourmet pantry items.

“My family and I own a gourmet and artisanal pantry shop in Oklahoma City. We’re known for our beautiful olive oils and luscious balsamic vinegars. Two of my biggest passions have always been good health and delicious food, and I’m constantly experimenting and combining flavors and ingredients,” she explains.

In the shop, for years a favorite treat was to splash a little sweet white balsamic into a glass of sparkling water. It added a delicate sweetness, a richness and lots of health benefits. Her staff loved it. Her kids loved it, too, and she knew she was onto something. 

If you’re not familiar with the benefits of a daily splash of balsamic vinegar, you will be in a minute! Don’t let its lush sweetness fool you, it’s a healthy powerhouse. Just like its terrible-tasting cousins apple cider and white vinegar, gloriously sweet white balsamic is full of antioxidants (great for skin) and probiotics (helps with digestion) and is a low-glycemic index food. It helps regulate blood sugar and can aid in weight loss.  

People have taken a daily spoonful of vinegar for centuries, and the health benefits are well documented. The only problem is it tastes pretty bad. So we solved the problem. Now, with V2O, you get a tasty treat, excellent health benefits and plenty of intelligent hydration. That’s a win-win-win.




Rich, sweet amber honey notes and a zingy splash of bright ginger make for a light, effervescent taste. Sweet white balsamic adds natural flavor and healthy probiotics and antioxidants, plus more wholesome benefits.


Lush ripe pears and perky fresh cranberry have joined forces to become something magical. It’ll be love at first sip. V2O’s not just a pretty taste, though. It’s flavored with sweet white balsamic which means it’s a healthy tour de force: antioxidants, probiotics, gluten free, vegan and non-GMO…be still my heart! Get the full scoop on our health benefits.


We’ve got a bottle, got a bottle full of sunshine…sweet-tart, citrusy and bright, our Sicilian Lemon flavor was our first flavor and we’re still smitten. Just two pure ingredients, clean sparkling water and sweet white balsamic, mean V2O is a low glycemic index treat, gluten free, packed with probiotics for gut health and rich in antioxidants. That’s not all. Read all about how we’ve made something so delicious so healthy